28 Nov 2016
We created an integrated version of the bGeigie device, a mobile survey Geiger counter, by Safecast, who are working to empower people with data about their environments. Our PCB is based on original design by Safecast. We removed various breakout boards and instead placed most of the components directly to the PCB. Our design uses RedBear Duo( as a central...
28 Jun 2016
Do you remember turtle tag enclosures we worked on in the beginning of this year? In collaboration with Alasdair Davies from Zoological Society of London we developed an open source turtle tag enclosure and produced a small series for testing purposes for the Principe Trust and researchers from the University of Exeter. Open source solution to track endangered green sea...
11 May 2016
Remember our Balkan road trip? We came back home with a great present – Synthomir, 8 bit DIY synth, in kit version, designed and developed by Radiona, Zagreb Makerspace. We couldn’t wait to build it and now, we’ve finally found some time to share the final result also with you. It was lots of fun making it following their instructions...
15 Jan 2016
Today, all our team tried something new, we’ve been learning some welding basics. First, Jože gave us a brief theoretical introduction and then we all got a chance to do some practical exercises, from spot welding to making different welding joints.
14 Jan 2016
We finished a first series of turtle tag enclosures for Zoological Society of London. Turtle tags are used to track the movement of turtles and collect the information necessary to design better strategies for their conservation. First prototypes of enclosures were 3D printed. The final version of turtle tag enclosure is made out of three parts: acrylic shell, aluminum base...
16 Dec 2015
We’ve made some modification to our table CNC mill, so it is suitable for high speed PCB prototyping. We’ve designed and built aluminum die which supports two PCB sizes: 60 x 60 mm and 45 x 60 mm. Aluminum die levels PCB plate and with help of clamps holds it in place. Blank PCB plates with same dimensions as pocket...
07 Dec 2015
The new generation of Troublemaker 3D printer is operational for a few months now and in this time it has printed quite some parts for the KORUZA 1.0 units and various other systems. The 3D printer performs well, and with its enlarged printing area the production of KORUZA parts is quicker and easier. Also, some minor changes were made to...
20 Sep 2015
We have observed a lack of a low-cost and simple to construct 3 axis linear translation systems for use in scientific and research applications, ranging from laser beam profiling to automation in plant sciences. PreciseXY project aim to introduce a low-cost and yet precise and stable translation system ready for integration in any project with minimal work. The first generation...
01 Sep 2015
Ceramic objects are waterproof, very rigid, stiff and able to stand extremely high temperatures, which gives them a wide spectrum of applicability. Mostly one associates ceramic with tableware (plates, cups, vases etc.) however, ceramic is, due to its robustness, often used for other much more subtle applications. Combining ceramic material properties with 3d printing technology allows creating stiff and rigid...
28 Aug 2015
Our first open-source hardware tool was Troublemaker 3D printer. In the last year our Troublemakers made a lot of prototypes and parts for our wireless optical system KORUZA, GoodEnoughCNC machines and various other parts and systems. Because of the increasing demand for higher 3D printing capacities we decided to start working on developing the next generation of the Troublemaker v2....