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We strive to develop globally useful designs and knowledge, make them open-source open-hardware for everyone. This would not be possible with the support of the globally community and thus we appeal to you for donations, especially when you find these projects useful. Raised funds go towards operational costs, salaries and creation of prototypes. Your support enables us to continue the work and come up with new projects.



An innovative open-source open-hardware wireless communication system, employing a new low-cost approach to designing free-space optical network systems, enabling building-to-building connectivity with a highly collimated light beam at a capacity of 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) at distances up to 100 meters, enabling organic bottom-up growth of high-capacity networks. The system is 3D printable with Troublemaker 3D printer.

Supported by Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship awarded to Luka Mustafa.

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GoodEnoughCNC machines series is developed to support the manufacturing of KORUZA and any other open hardware system following our vision of a 10k microfactory, where with a rather limited investment a full manufacturing workflow for plywood, plastics and metals out of which most open projects are build. GoodEnoughCNC range under development will consist at least of 3D printer, Plasma cutter, CNC Mill, Laser cutter and possibly others and suitable for boot-straping.

Supported by Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship awarded to Luka Mustafa.

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Nodewatcher v3

Nodewtcher v3 aims to establish a customizable platform for planning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance, and management of open but diverse wireless networks. The main idea is modularity of the platform on all levels so that different network deployments can completely adapt their installation to needs, use cases, goals, and values of the network. Practice has shown that all this varies between networks and wireless communities and is thus impossible to develop an "one size fits all" solution by itself. Based on this, nodewatcher 3.0 is developed not as a single solution, but rather a customizable platform with ecosystem of modules and communities around it.

Supported by donations of Shuttleworth Foundation Flash Grant and New America Foundation Open Technology Institute.

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Serval Rugged Battery Pack

Serval Rugged Battery Pack is designed to be the universal battery supply system for wireless equipment in any situation. Let that be a rescue operation in New Zealand using Serval project Mesh Extender, every-day deployment in Africa or a remote location in Europe, all sharing the same lack of electrical power for communication equipment. In collaboration with Serval project we are working on designing this battery pack to be suitable for charging from the vast majority of power sources, no matter how improvised or hacked-together they are, and providing sufficient power for days of operation.

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Open Source Lab Equipment

Open Source Lab Equipment project integrates the solutions from our development projects into standalone solutions to increase the flexibility, hackability and versatility of new and existing equipment in development & research laboratories. A set of solutions is introduced for linear precision positioning, mimicking the high-grade translation stages at a fraction of cost using low-cost 3D printing. Designs vary from fully 3D printed low-performance to hybrid 3D printing using teflon sliding surfaces. The designs can easily be motorized for precision remote control or the approach implemented on existing high-grade translation equipment.

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Micro APRS NavSpark

MicroAPRS NavSpark is a contribution to MicroAPRS open source project. The electronics has been designed to feature all the components for this ham radio operator location tracker on a small circuit board as well as making it compatible with low-cost NavSpark GPS/Glonass/Beidu Arduino modules.

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Solderless Router Serial

Solderless router serial port connector is designed primarily to ease the recovery of bricked low cost routers without the need for soldering on any tampering with the device logic board. This is particularly useful in community wireless networks with the large volume of low-cost WiFi routers that may require a serial connection for restoring firmware if something has gone wrong. Current release supports very common WR740N and WR741ND routers, we are looking towards supporting even more devices in the near future.

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