Our development facilities are fully equipped for rapid prototyping and small series production.

We leverage software and hardware tools in an interleaved manner to maximize impact and deliver useful solutions fast and effectively. Open source open hardware is our first choice, but our development facilities are equipped with some other useful machine tools as well. See the solutions we use for fast prototyping and in our daily work.

Troublemaker 3D printer

An open-source based on Ultimaker 3D printer design whose development was lead by a member of our team in Društvo Elektronikov Slovenije. Assembly parts of the system can be universally found from multiple suppliers and thus anyone can replicate one without vendor lock-in. A uniquely fully enclosed design retains the heated air within the chamber reducing part warping with more demanding material. Enclosure design is fully stackable and yet still fits on a desk. We use a number of these printers daily.

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German RepRap X400 3D Printer

  • Build volume: 390 x 400 x 330 mm
  • Material: ABS, PLA
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GoodENoughCNC Family

GoodEnoughCNC machines series is developed to support the manufacturing of KORUZA and any other open hardware system. Currently, GoodEnoughCNC range consists of plasma cutter, CNC mill, laser cutter, all in the stage of a working prototype.

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Concept Basic 1500 CNC Mill

  • Working table size: 1500 x 800mm
  • Cutting area: 1250x 700 x 50 mm
  • Maximum speed: 4000 mm /min
  • Materials: wood, plastic, aluminium, composite materials

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Mini CNC Mill

  • Working area: 200 mm x 300 mm x 50 mm
  • Wattage: 0.8 kW
  • Water cooled spindle
  • Materials: wood, plastic, aluminium, composite materials
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CNC HyperCUT laser 1290

  • Laser wattage: 130 W
  • Working area: 900 x 1200 mm
  • Cutting speed: 0–20 m/min
  • Engraving speed: 0–50 m/min
  • Maximum resolution: 2000 DPI
  • Repeatability  : < 0.2 mm
  • Accuracy: < 0.05 mm
  • Operating temperature: 5–40 °C
  • Supported Software: CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD
  • File formats: BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI, CDR
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EcPur 3020 40 W CO2 Laser Cutter

  • Laser type: CO2
  • Laser wattage: 40 W
  • Current: 0~22 mA
  • Working area: 320 x 220 x 70 mm
  • Engraving speed: 0–350 mm/s
  • Cutting speed: 0–35 mm/s
  • Minimum character size : 1 x 1 mm
  • Resolution: 1000 dpi
  • Operating temperature: 0–45 °C
  • Water cooling
  • Communication: USB Port
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Open Source Electronics Development Tools

We leverage a number of open source open hardware development tools, measurement devices and other handy gadgets for development of our electronics systems. Dangerous Prototypes tools Bus Pirate, Bus Blaster, IR toy, Open Workbench Logic Sniffer and other are very helpful with debugging digital communication signals and devices. Great Scott Gadgets HackRF One and other devices enable us easy debugging of wireless communications. Arachnid Labs Re:Load Pro helps us test a number of power electronics systems. Arduino and Energia environments and hardwares they support are default platforms for implementing a number of smaller systems and solutions.

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